FREE EBOOK: An introduction to non-technical skills and human factors that improve all decision-making in diving.

Learn How To Reduce Potentially Fatal Risks and Never Miss a Thing, Even When Feeling the Stress and Pressures when Diving

The application of non-technical skills and human factors to diving will improve both your performance and of those in your diving party. All so you can achieve more and crucially have more fun! 

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Expert Content - Available Nowhere Else!

This ebook is based on a number of elements that I have taken from my globally-unique programmes that help divers to understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding human factors and non-technical skills.

Loaded With Case Studies and Examples

Read highly detailed case studies and examples,  highlighting a success or failure, followed by human factors and non-technical skills theory that you won't learn anywhere else other than in this ebook.

Not Just Theory - Real Practicle Advice Too

Unlike many free ebooks that give you all the fluff and waffle, this ebook will give you tons of practical advice to assist you in applying the skills to develop yourself and your team into high-performing elite divers.


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