Developing Knowledge. Learning Skills. Taking Action.

For divers who want to compress their learning into a two-week period and have practical tools to take away. Suitable for all divers, but especially those in higher-risk activities (CCR, Cave, Tech) or those leading in diving (DM, Instructor or IT/CD). 

COST $247 - BUY NOW - STARTS 8 FEB 2021


The HFiD Level 1 Blended Learning Course builds on brilliant foundations to understand and highlight the human impact of diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and free from human error.

This is perfect for divers who are time poor and still committed to the safety of their dives, so you can compress your learning into 2 weeks.

It’s suitable to all divers, specifically divers in higher-risk activities (CCR, Cave, Tech) or those leading in diving (DM, Instructor or IT/CD). There are no pre-requisites for this course.

It is delivered through a virtual classroom which allows collaboration, skills development and real teamwork to solve issues and problems relating to human factors and non-technical skills.
This condensed course embraces all the pioneering elements that The Human Diver is renowned for and is a great addition to every divers training tool kit.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.



Access starts on 8 February 2021

Three hours of online learning using bite-sized chunks of theory (5-10 mins clips) to give you a baseline of knowledge or reinforce previously learned concepts/tools.

Accessible via personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Each module has a small assessment to consolidate and confirm the learning before moving onto the next topic. All of the modules have direct relevance to the virtual classroom work so you'll need to pay attention. As the classroom work is collaborative in nature, we want you all to be at the same level when you start. Don't let your study team down, apply yourself here. The learning objectives for the online materials are based around Bloom's taxonomy of knowledge.

Virtual Classroom

14:00-18:30 GMT, 20 & 21 February 2021.

Using state-of-the-art software (not just Zoom!) we have developed a virtual classroom environment which allows collaboration, skills development and real teamwork to solve issues and problems relating to human factors and non-technical skills. Using different learning techniques, we create the environment where you have to analyse issues and create stories and explanations, deepening the learning which is happening during the class. The learning objectives for the virtual classroom are based around Bloom's taxonomy of comprehension, application and analysis.

Post-Class Coaching Call

Call date/time based on course attendants feedback.

 We recognise that there is a massive amount of information that will be delivered in the online and virtual classroom environments and due to the way our brains process information, questions will pop up after the training sessions. To help you unpack those and explore potential solutions, we will arrange for a one-hour coaching call to take place approximately two weeks after the class.There is a 'rule' in education called the 10:20:70 rule. 10% of learning happens in the class, 20% happens with a coach or mentor in the 'operating environment' and 70% happens 'on the job'. Use this coaching call to help with your real transformation.


As a student of this class, you will be given access to additional materials like presentations and briefing notes only available to those who complete a face-to-face class with The Human Diver. The goal being to grown your knowledge, develop your skills and help you take action.

COST $247 - BUY NOW - STARTS 8 FEB 2021



Gareth founded The Human Diver in January 2016 when he recognised that there was a gap in knowledge within the diving community when it came to human factors, non-technical skills and the need for a Just Culture. Prior to this, he spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force as a flight instructor, navigator on C-130 Hercules, systems engineer and a requirements manager. He left the RAF in Feb 2015 and immediately started work in high-risk industries teaching HF and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Since 2016 he has taught more than 350 divers face-to-face, presented at nearly 20 conferences around the world on the topic of HF in diving, published 'Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors' which has sold nearly 3000 copies since March 2019.He is GUE Tech 2 certified and TDI JJ-CCR Mod 1. He's looking forward to getting cave certified too! He loves his underwater photography and has been published in numerous magazines.He is based in the UK but has taught from Seattle to New Zealand and 10s of locations between!


"This is some of the best and most important training I have done in my diving career. Gareth is an excellent teacher and communicator, has pulled together a range of material from an incredible variety of sources, and pulled them together to provide one of the richest learning experiences in a dynamic and engaging group environment. If I were to to recommend a single piece of training for someone doing diving, or any kind of complex activity, this would be it. Regardless of experience level, technical level or type of diving you are doing (recreational or technical) this is probably the most important and valuable course you could ever do. And it may end up saving your life or someone else's life. Just do it."

~Matthijs Smith, Australia

"I have taken two courses of Human Factors in Diving this year. These courses have been some of the most impactful and effective instruction I have received to date. Thinking about thinking (metacognition) is not an easy topic to teach, and Gareth shows true mastery of the material. His willingness and ability to receive feedback and make changes in real time shows his passion for always improving the courses. These topics are beyond highly recommended for divers of any level, and are a must for anyone participating in the more high risk levels of diving. These concepts are immediately applicable in all facets of life, work, and diving.

Thank you Gareth Lock for your continued pursuit in education of Human Factors in Diving."

~Eric Marchwinski, United States


"Someone once asked me what the difference between Knowledge and wisdom is; Knowledge is gained from one's own experience, Wisdom is obtained from others experience. I feel that this class truly embodies this quote." 

Jacqueline Patek
OW Diver and OR Nurse


We are so confident that you’ll benefit from this Online Micro Class that if you’re not 100% happy with it we’ll refund your money.All we ask is that you provide some robust feedback within a month of buying the Online Micro Class as to why the learning didn't happen and how we can make the class better. What do you have to lose?

COST $247 - BUY NOW - STARTS 8 FEB 2021