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Hundreds of hours of knowledge and wisdom coded into an AI-driven large, language model, to bring theory and practice to you, your dive team, and your dive centre or dive operation. Making it easier to do the right thing...


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Powered by Expertise, Chat-THD: Your Human Factors in Diving Companion

Chat-THD has been taught with more than 400 000 words from 250+ blogs, the book Under Pressure, and from the transcripts of tens of podcasts, online lessons, and presentations that have been delivered.

To make sure it meets your needs, it has also been tested with some difficult questions regarding the sorts of problems divers, diving instructors, and agency staff will come across.

Knowledge is there to be shared, and that's what Chat-THD is doing.

Why Use Chat-THD?

Sometimes the questions we have are awkward and can't be asked in public. Sometimes we can't find the right person online to ask. Sometimes we have an issue in the 'here and the now' that needs to be answered and we don't know the answer. Sometimes we need to put a social media or educational post together and we've run out of ideas. Sometimes someone says something really 'dumb' or 'stupid' and a good answer is needed to defuse the situation with an answer to 'how it made sense for that diver to do what they did'.

Sometimes, we just want to explore, discover, and learn more.

Chat-THD can help with all of those. Two examples of chats are below..

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Seamless Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

What would I use this tool for? Human factors is common sense and I can get everything I need from The Human Diver blog.

Responsive and Adaptive Answers

Chat-THD is like any large language model based on Open AI. You pose a question in your normal langauge, and the tool will give you an answer in normal langauge. You can reply to this answer and the tool will build the answers on top of each other. Just like speaking with an expert on Human Factors in Diving.

To Answer Questions about HF in Diving

None of the training agencies have a structured training programme that deals with human factors in diving. Some might touch on it, but nothing formal. This means that instructors and students can often fumble around the correct answers to a problem concerning decision-making, communication, teamwork, leadership, followership, psychological safety and a Just Culture. Chat-THD closes that knowledge gap.

Building Presentations and Training Materials

One of the easiest ways to get people to learn a topic is to present it. It might appear to be teaching to get a student or instructor to use Chat-THD to help them build that presentation. However, to really know something, you have to be able to talk around the topic, and not just be a slide reader. Chat-THD can help provide the guidance needed.

Chat-THD is also ideal for agencies and dive centre staff to build these concepts into their training materials at a low cost.

Create Learning-Focused Incident Reports 

Have you thought about changing the way you talk about incidents and accidents in diving, so that it more conducive to learning rather than blaming and shaming? 

You can put in a narrative "as it happened", and ask Chat-THD to describe the factors and context that may have increased the likelihood the event happened. Chat-THD knows not to focus on the outcome, but rather to look deeper.

Hear from Divers Like You


Robin K.

"I loved the way the responses were structured - almost as though they were 'wet note' sized and composed!  The iterative learning nature of this makes it very very interesting and valuable."

Sabrina F.

"LOVE THIS! Such a useful tool to get people engaged in the topic."

Andy G.

"I've used this to construct interview questions following a serious DCS event to get the most learning. Really useful, and helped me stay on track to help me and the diver understand their perspective and decision-making."

Tim C.

"Seriously, very accessible. Good work. There is much here to 'calibrate' divers existing experience of instruction, or what they 'know they have forgotten', leading to new knowledge."

Help and Support Where and When You Need It

When you've got a question, consider asking Chat-THD. However, if you want a much deeper answer, or you want to build your own knowledge through online, live-webinar, or live face-to-face training, get in touch via the contact page

 The Human Diver team will also run monthly Q&A sessions if Chat-THD didn't answer as you expected.

Bonus: this isn't just about diving, human factors applies everywhere, so you can learn for your professional jobs too (if you're not a diver).

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If you want to register interest, please send us a contact request and we'll get back as soon as online). 

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