Something I constantly get asked about is can I produce materials for instructors to add to their own classes to add value. Models, video clips and diagrams to explain the concepts of human factors, non-technical skills and Just Culture.

This is that class!

What is the Instructor Development Class?

Another global first! As well as developing your own knowledge to improve your performance as an instructor by providing you with the core knowledge about human factors and non-technical skills (similar to the online micro-class), the class also provides you with training materials in a number of different formats which allow you to embed these concepts in your own classes.

What does the course look like?

The class consists of twelve 15-min modules covering different concepts including decision making, situational awareness, normalisation of deviance, teamwork, communication skills, leadership, Just Culture, incident case reports all delivered via video and audio files. At the end of each module is a short exam to ensure the knowledge has been transferred. In addition, PDFs, Powerpoint and Keynote slides will be made available so that you can add these concepts to your own classes.

What do I need to complete the class?

The only thing you need is a web-browser (PC, Mac, iOS or Android) and an internet connection. The class takes approximately 4 hours to complete but is arranged in twelve short (15 minute) modules which you can start and stop at any time you want. You can download them for viewing offline on PC or Mac too so you can learn whilst on the move. 


More detail about the class

This short course equips participants with the knowledge and understanding about how to improve their diving; to have more fun and allow them to take more risks because they know where failure is more likely to occur and can mitigate it accordingly. A number of case studies are presented throughout the course.

This is similar to the online micro-class which has been taken by more than 800 people now (Apr 18). However, the difference with the IDC is that you get materials for you to use and there is also an option to subscribe for a 12-month package of additional, more in-depth materials, as well as a new case study each month which goes into the human factors involved.


Ongoing Support Option

We know that learning is an ongoing process and that the use of additional stories or materials can help your development and that of your student.

That is why we have developed an ongoing support programme which includes a monthly email which contains more theory, practical exercises and a detailed case study which you can use in your own training.


Learning at your own pace, at home or travelling

The online course will take approximately 4 hours to complete and can be followed at your own pace. In fact, we'd recommend doing one or two modules per night to maximise the learning. Once you have signed up, you will have access to the contents for as long as they are hosted on The Human Diver website - this includes when materials are updated. The website is specifically designed to work on all Internet-enabled devices like mobile phones and tablets, giving those who undertake the mini-course the freedom to learn wherever and whenever it suits them (as long as they have a data connection, Wifi or GSM/3G/4G). All videos are available to download so that you can watch them while commuting or travelling.


What Next?

If this subject really interests you and you want to take your learning to the next level, visit this page which will tell you all about the two-day human factors skills in diving class which uses a computer-based simulation (GemaSim) to create stressful situations where your non-technical skills will be challenged and then reviewed using reflective debriefs. Another globally unique opportunity to develop yourself further. Testimonials for this class can be found here.