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The Team.

Instructors from around the globe who can deliver the Human Diver programmes.

The instructors who teach for The Human Diver have undertaken extremely comprehensive training and have shown a high-level of personal commitment to achieve their qualifications to teach these programmes. 75 hours of webinar-based theory, 15 hours of personal projects linked with the webinar topics, 10 hours of teaching the theory to each other and then two weeks of face-to-face training with live students. 

Gareth Lock, MSc, MCIEHF

Gareth founded The Human Diver in January 2016 when he recognised that there was a gap in knowledge within the diving community when it came to human factors, non-technical skills and the need for a Just Culture. 

Prior to this, he spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force as a flight instructor, navigator on C-130 Hercules, systems engineer and a requirements manager. He left the RAF in Feb 2015 and immediately started work in high-risk industries teaching HF and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Since 2016 he has taught more than 350 divers face-to-face, presented at nearly 20 conferences around the world on the topic of HF in diving, published 'Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors' which has sold nearly 3000 copies since March 2019.

He is GUE Tech 2 certified and TDI JJ-CCR Mod 1. He's looking forward to getting cave certified too! He loves his underwater photography and has been published in numerous magazines.

He is based in the UK but has taught from Seattle to New Zealand and 10s of locations between!

Guy Shockey

Guy Shockey is an ex military officer and former professional guide with a graduate degree in Political science. He is an entrepreneur with several startups to his resume including building up a successful manufacturing business with wholesale and retail components. He is also a nationally accredited Skydiving coach and instructor.

He first learned to dive in 1982 in the cold mountain lakes of Alberta, Canada and has been involved with Global Underwater Explorers for the past 12 years. He is currently a full time Instructor Evaluator for GUE, and spends a good deal of his time travelling the globe and teaching both OC and CCR for GUE.

Guy loves to share his passion for exploration whether it be in the mountains or under the sea. Guy was one of the first instructors to require his technical diving students to take the Human Factors online mini class as preparation for technical and instructor dive training. 

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Helene Pellerin (French Text)

Helene Pellerin is from Quebec City, Canada. She is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Universite Laval in Quebec City, and she is an instructor at the simulation centre of the Faculty of medicine of Universite Laval, where she teaches Crisis Resources Management and Teamwork. The Human Diver program was a fantastic opportunity and a logical way forward to move her interest in human factors from her professional life to diving.

Helene is a GUE TEC 1 diver, a PADI Divemaster and an Emergengy First Response (EFR) instructor with more than 300 dives in the past 5 years. She is mostly a cold-water diver although she enjoys warm water very much as well. She enjoys ocean dives and wreck dives. The application of non-technical skills in diving really captured her interest. Understanding human performance and how it can be improved to decrease error and increase safety is one of the most interesting fields of knowledge. Her goal is to promote the development of a Just Culture by disseminating knowledge and teaching non-technical skills to divers of all levels.

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Bart Den Ouden (Dutch text)

Bart den Ouden became a diving professional in 2001 and has been teaching ever since. In 2006 he became an EFR Instructor Trainer, a TDI Instructor Trainer in 2007 and a PADI Course Director in March 2008. He is also allowed to offer Workplace Accredited Training, is a Diver Medical Technician and has earned degrees in teaching and training. Bart also works as a safety diver for the film industry and has worked on projects like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.

Bart is an Open and Closed Circuit Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer with around 3,000 dives over 20 years of diving.

He is a private security professional of 20 years, focusing on providing safety and security for many clients, ranging from retailers to big public events. Since 2009 he is also one of the examiners for the security industry’s exam board in The Netherlands.

Bart strongly believes that training is paid for but certification is earned and has always felt “something” was missing in most of the training programmes. That is why he has been a keen supporter of the Human Factors in Diving course and why he was happy to have been selected to become a Human Diver Instructor.

Bart is based in The Netherlands and very happy to travel wherever you may need him to go.

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Jenny Lord

Jenny is a full-time technical diving instructor. Prior to diving, she worked in outdoor education for 10 years teaching rock climbing, white water kayaking and canoeing, sailing, skiing, caving and cycling, amongst other sports.

Her interest in team development started with outdoor education, using it as a tool to help people learn more about communication, planning and teamwork.

Since 2009 she has lived in Dahab, Egypt teaching SCUBA diving. She is now a technical instructor trainer for TDI, advanced trimix instructor, advanced mixed gas CCR diver and helitrox CCR instructor.

Jenny has supported a number of deep dives as part of H2O divers dive team and works as a safety diver in the stunt industry.

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Darryl Owen

Darryl served in the British Army and has been an expat for the last 30 years in a variety of senior management roles in the software and management consultancy sectors. He dives both open circuit and CCR and is passionate about wreck exploration.

He is a technical instructor for Unified team Diving (UTD) as well as an instructor trainer for RAID and owns several dive centres in the UAE and Oman together with his wife, Marine who is also an Instructor Trainer for UTD and an Examiner for RAID.
Darryl lives in Dubai and has 5 children, which is probably where his deep interest in high performance teams came from…

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