Amplifying the effectiveness of your diving skills and experience through specific human factors training 

Welcome to The Human Diver!

You might be here because you are:

  • An experienced diving instructor
  • A newly qualified diving instructor
  • An experienced technical diver
  • A diver moving from recreational to technical diving
  • An inexperienced diver
  • Interested in diving
  • About to take your first diving course
  • The loved one of a diver

It’s also possible, depending on your experience, you may have had one of these thoughts:

  • “That didn’t end well, I wonder if it could’ve been avoided?”
  • “Nothing in my training prepared me for that dive experience”
  • “How do I make sure I have a great dive with a rent-a-buddy team?”
  • “How do I raise an issue I’m concerned about with a non-team member?”
  • “How do I prevent myself or limit myself from making ‘stupid’ mistakes?”
  • “I wish I’d spoken up - but I still don’t know how I could’ve done that.”
  • “I wish someone had told me there was an issue - why didn’t they speak up?”
  • “Why won’t my team/students speak up when they spot a potential issue?”
  • “How did I not recognise that I was on the slope of the incident pit?”

For all of you

Have you considered how your personal actions and inactions, awareness, decisions and relationships (i.e. human factors) could impact your ability to dive safely? Or impact the safety of others?

While it is important to learn how to dive technically in a safe manner, in the world of diving the influence of ‘human factors’ is far too often underestimated. This can lead to tragedy.

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Most accidents and incidents are not down to undetected technical failures, poor buoyancy or incorrect trim, rather they are down to complacency, breakdowns in communication, poor decision-making, a lack of situational awareness or ineffective teamwork and/or leadership.

The humans involved in that dive, that course or that incident all contributed to the outcome, even if something technical has also gone wrong or malfunctioned in some way.

"It's a hell of a lot of fun!" BUT...

Until the human diver arrived, no one was offering training which took a more holistic approach to diving and how these ‘little’ factors can lead to situations which can mean the difference between life and death. 

Today, The Human Diver offers courses, training and support for those who want to be the new pioneers in diving excellence. Gareth has trained other instructors worldwide in human factors and his mission to “Apply Human Factors. Master The Dive” is at the heart of his work. To find out more about him, his team or which course might work for you, follow the different links in the menu bar at the top.



The Human Diver was created by experienced diver Gareth Lock who has committed his life to diving, diver training and the training of high-performance teams after his 25 year career in the Royal Air Force. To date he has completed more than 800 dives around the globe on OC and CCR and to depths in excess of 70m. Gareth knows from his role as a Squadron Leader in the RAF that the most effective teams never lose sight of each other’s interactions and performance. It’s something deep in the psyche of the RAF and aviation in general.


The courses

Human Factors in Diving: The essentials

This 3-hour online class is a great starting point to find out why we make mistakes and how we can reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event occurring. We dive into decision making, situational awareness, communication and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence. Using case studies and practical exercise, we bring the topic to life. Want to gain a quick but valuable insight?



If you are a dive leader/master or instructor, or undertake higher risk diving like CCR, Cave or Tech Diving, this globally-unique course is a MUST. Delivered over 10 weeks via an interactive webinar, this provides an in-depth understanding of human factors and their impact, and a wealth of practical techniques with consolidation exercises along with prizes for submissions. Do you want to push yourself more than just the Essentials class and learn more at a slower pace?


Level 2: Face-to-Face 

The ultimate learning experience when it comes to developing high-performance teams. Taking knowledge and practice from aviation, team psychology and academia, this course shows you how to build a team quickly and operate as one in a highly-experiential learning environment. Every student who has completed this class has valued the personal and team development experience, remembering the skills for months and years after the class. 


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