SH63: Unlocking the Secrets of Safer Diving: A Guide to Learning Reviews in Diving

In this episode, we reflect on the tragic death of a fellow diver and the tendency within the diving community to rush to conclusions and assign blame rather than focusing on learning from incidents. Highlighting the need for a shift towards a more transparent and constructive approach, Gareth introduces The Human Diver's "Learning Review Guide in Diving," which provides a structured framework for analyzing diving incidents. Drawing on concepts from safety science and human factors, the guide emphasizes understanding the complexity of diving incidents and the role of various factors at play. Through a system-centric approach and steps for conducting a learning review, divers and organizations can work towards enhancing safety and preventing future mishaps. The guide, available for download, offers practical tools and insights for promoting a culture of learning and improvement within the diving community.


Original blog:


Jenny’s blog about the death of one of her colleagues:

Learning review technique understanding the relationships, tensions, and conflicts within the complex system of diving:

Learning Review in Diving guide here


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