SH67: Diving Liability Insurance: Enabler or Barrier to Diving Safety?

In this podcast episode, we explore the importance of Human Factors training in the diving industry, drawing parallels with its significance in aviation. A firsthand account reveals how insurance premiums reflect the recognition of this training's value, emphasizing the shift from blaming individuals to fostering a culture of learning for safety improvement. While insurance companies incentivize instructors to undergo such training, diving agencies have yet to mandate it, potentially impacting the industry's sustainability. The discussion underscores the necessity of viewing the issue holistically and integrating Human Factors training into all aspects of diving, beyond just formal instruction. Ultimately, change may only occur when instructors recognize the direct benefits, potentially through increased premiums, prompting a broader industry shift. The episode concludes with a reflection on the potential for a politically relevant event to drive change, echoing insights from Gareth Lock's presentation on the subject.


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