Why did he make such an obvious mistake...?

Recently there have been a number of high profile incidents in diving in which the decisions made appear incredulous given the outcome. Using a phrase from Todd Conklin, a US-based high performance team developer and safety advocate, the outcomes whilst sad in many cases are not the most interesting part, it is the decision making process which led to them which is interesting. You could say that they are unsurprising or normal. In fact, in 1984 Chris Perrow wrote a book entitled ‘Normal Accidents’ in which he describes the facts that most of accidents in high risk operations are normal, in that we know they could happen, we just don’t know where and when, and given our limited personal and organisational capacity to process massive amounts of information, it is no surprise that they slip by our attention and we make flawed decisions. It is this combination of, often discrete decisions which leads to disaster.

That is what this blog post is about, decision making...

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