Technical Solution, New Process/Rule or Behavioural Change? - LFI Seminars Part 1

human factors learning Dec 22, 2015

I recently attended a seminar in London where the aims of the sessions were to understand how different organisations and individuals learned from incidents. Those attending included legal professionals, Health and Safety experts, academics covering safety, behaviour and learning and operators / industry including construction, maritime and oil & gas. I believe I was the only person representing any recreational-type activity which lead to an interesting view of how safety is 'managed'. I will cover a number of different themes from these seminars but I will start with the theme of improving safety by understanding behaviours...

If we look at incident and accident reports from across the different domains, a key theme rises to the top - humans make mistakes and errors no matter how much has been done to technically engineer out the problem. Notwithstanding this ‘root cause’, it is recognised that ‘human error’ is a poor attribution when it comes to incident investigation and as a...

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