A Just Culture - What the SEWOL ferry disaster can do to help improve diving performance and safety.

This story has recently hit the news and refers to a British Diving instructor who has been operating in Thailand and one of his students suffered a fatality. Fairly quickly the social media assumed that standards had been breached and he would be in real trouble but then the story has changed slightly today.

I do not know the exact detail of the incident, and to a certain extent, it isn't that relevant to the discussion which will now follow.

Fundamentally people don't normally get up in the morning and make an active decision to operate in an unsafe manner, unless there is a major driver - normally financial or ego drivers.  This figure from Amalberti's "The paradoxes of almost totally safe transportation systems" paper shows this


In this area of the world, it is recognised that "safety" is not necessarily the most prevalent trait and that those who can make money the fastest by selling lots and selling cheap are going to be rewarded accordingly, this might be...

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