Developing Knowledge. Learning Skills. Taking Action.

This brand new, rewritten, reshot, short online course is a must have for all divers, from novice to experienced and everyone in between. It creates the essential foundations to understand and highlight the impact of human factors in diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and have a reduced likelihood of human error.

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It takes the award-winning original online micro-class and supercharges it! The new class provides more practical advice for you to apply this knowledge to your diving. 

It focuses on HOW it makes sense for us to do what we do and WHAT we can do to reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event happening.

It does not focus on the technical aspects of diving.

It focuses on decision making, situational awareness, communications and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence. To ensure you have the best dive experience possible.

A series of techniques are used including 8 case studies that highlight the contributory factors to incidents which are rarely technical in nature. One of these is examined in considerable detail.

You’ll be informed, better equipped and have a greater understanding and appreciation of how important the human factors are and how to avoid these mistakes!

This short pioneering course is a MUST HAVE on every diver’s training and learning journey. If you've already got access to the current class, complete the assessment at the very end of THAT micro-class, and you'll get this one free.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.


Every one of us makes mistakes every day, even the experts.

For that very reason, the aviation, nuclear power and medical professions have invested huge resources in helping their personnel to get better at not making those mistakes, and if they do, how to capture them before it gets really bad. The Human Diver team have taken this research and distilled it into a programme for divers. 

Improving safety. Increasing enjoyment. Creating more effective instructors.

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Online Access

Three hours of online learning using bite-sized chunks of theory (5-10 mins clips) to give you a baseline of knowledge or reinforce previously learned concepts/tools. Accessible via personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. All of the modules have direct relevance to your diving. 

Additional Reading

We know that some of you will want to dig deeper into this topic once you have started the programme. That is why we have given you lots of additional, optional reading. We reckon there is at least 6 hours more learning if you want to take yourself further.

Mobile Application Access

Everyone is on the move these days which makes it slightly harder to learn. That is why we chose a learning platform which has a mobile capability. By installing the Kajabi app, you can have easy access to ALL of the The Human materials on your iOS or Android device, allowing you to learn when and where you like.


As a student of this class, you will be given access to additional materials like presentations and briefing notes only available to those who complete a face-to-face class with The Human Diver. The goal being to grown your knowledge, develop your skills and help you take action.

BUY NOW - $97



Gareth founded The Human Diver in January 2016 when he recognised that there was a gap in knowledge within the diving community when it came to human factors, non-technical skills and the need for a Just Culture. Prior to this, he spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force as a flight instructor, navigator on C-130 Hercules, systems engineer and a requirements manager. He left the RAF in Feb 2015 and immediately started work in high-risk industries teaching HF and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Since 2016 he has taught more than 350 divers face-to-face, presented at nearly 20 conferences around the world on the topic of HF in diving, published 'Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors' which has sold more than 4000 copies since March 2019. He is GUE Tech 2 & JJ CCR 1 certified. He's looking forward to getting cave certified too! He loves his underwater photography and has been published in numerous magazines. He is based in the UK but has taught from Seattle to New Zealand and 10s of locations between!


The Human Diver is hosted on a platform (Kajabi) that supports training across the globe. It is reliable and easy to use, the reason why we chose it for the hosting and delivery of the Human Factors in Diving Training.

It has iOS and Android apps and there is an opportunity to leave comments for your fellow students and The Human Diver team.

This short video on the right shows how to navigate around the course and the modules that are covered. Each theory module has additional reading and a case study.



"Is it worth doing?  Absolutely.  Regardless of agency, current skill set or certification, this course will increase your overall awareness of awareness, stress management and leadership to name resulting in a more effective individual and team performance, both in diving, and in ‘the real world. And at £69 it won’t break the bank either.  Far cheaper than any agency specialty course, and just as valuable." 

Tim Gort
Owner Rec-to-Tec, TDI/SDI Instructor, BSAC FCD

"This course will provoke more thoughts about awareness, team building skills, peer pressure, stress, how to be a good leader and follower, task loading, and taking steps to becoming safer. It doesn't matter the agency you've learned from or the level of diver you are. This is something that everyone can learn from and evaluate themselves and what they can do differently." 

Becky Kagan Schott
Award Winning Underwater Photographer and Videographer and CCR Instructor 


"Someone once asked me what the difference between Knowledge and wisdom is; Knowledge is gained from one's own experience, Wisdom is obtained from others experience. I feel that this class truly embodies this quote." 

Jacqueline Patek
OW Diver and OR Nurse


We were so delighted that the Online Micro Class was awarded The Innovation Award at the 2018 TekDiveUSA Technical Diving Conference. We were so proud that the Online Micro Class achieved the award

 “For innovation and/or product design that has increased the safety and extended the field of technical diving.”


We are so confident that you’ll benefit from this Level 0: ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN FACTORS IN DIVING  Class that if you’re not 100% happy with it we’ll refund your money. All we ask is that you provide some robust feedback within a month of buying the Level 0: ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN FACTORS IN DIVING  Class as to why the learning didn't happen and how we can make the class better. What do you have to lose?

BUY NOW - $97