HFiD: LEVEL 2 - Face to Face

Developing Knowledge. Learning Skills. Taking Action.

Two days of highly emotive and positive learning to consolidate theory already gained from the pre-work of the Essentials in Human Factors in Diving. This course is for divers who learn best through experiential learning and want to create teams quickly, which includes instructors and IT/CDs.



The Human Factors in Diving Level 2 further builds on brilliant foundations to understand and highlight the human impact of diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and free from human error.

This is for divers who learn best through experiential learning and want to create teams quickly, which includes instructors and IT/CDs.

It’s also suitable for those who undertake CCR, Cave and Tech diving who want to prevent errors from occurring, allowing them to take their diving further and deeper.

It is delivered in two days of highly emotive and positive learning to consolidate theory already gained from the pre-work of the Essentials Class which is included as pre-class learning. The Level 1: 10-week Webinar series is not a pre-requisite for this Level 2 course.

The two days together support a different learning style, and enable a deeper level of collaboration, skills development and teamwork. This will inevitably build stronger relationships and team learning and will also provide a different team-based approach to problem solving relating to human factors and non-technical skills.


The benefits and outcomes of attending this in person course are significant. They include:

  • Better situation awareness
  • More effective communication
  • Improved briefing and debriefing skills
  • Understanding of how to create a team quickly so that learning can be improved in the context of training and more effective exploration achieved in the context of ‘fun’ diving.

This in-person course embraces all the pioneering elements that The Human Diver is renowned for and is a great addition to every divers training tool kit.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.



Three hours of online learning using bite-sized chunks of theory (5-10 mins clips) to give you a baseline of knowledge or reinforce previously learned concepts/tools. Accessible via personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. The goal of giving you complementary access to the Essentials class is to ensure that you understand the concepts before we start the intense two-day course. You gain immediate access to this class once you have paid for the face-to-face class.

Physical Classroom and InterLAB

Along with 9 hrs of theory & discussion, you'll get more than 5 hrs of simulation using a tool specifically designed by aviation psychologists to help develop high performance teams. Decision-making under stress and teamwork with co-operation and collaboration are developed. However, as in real life, there are competing goals which have to be balanced.

Stressful, fun, hugely enjoyable and a very valuable learning exercise for you.


Coaching Emails for Support

We know that your head will be full by the end of the weekend with lots of new information and tools to use in your diving. The hardest part is creating new habits so that these tools can be used. To help our students achieve that, during the debrief, we capture goals focused on change. We then send you regular emails after the course to ensure the learning sticks and you keep the knowledge at the forefront of your diving. 

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Each of the instructors who take this class have undertaken considerable theoretical (9 months!) and practical training (2 weeks of practice deliveries) to deliver a highly experiential and thought-provoking class. They will work hard to ensure you get value from this class.

Our experience has shown that there is no class like this in diving which brings together all of the critical thinking skills needed to enhance your existing in-water skills and training. 


Short videos about the two-day class



"Over my last class I implemented the use of the checklist on all diving days having the buddy read and confirm to the diver checking their CCR ending in both members signing of on their unit checks, it worked very well and spotted numerous errors, the debrief method we used in class also worked a treat"

- Mathew Partridge, TDI IT

"Fantastic course that really opened my eyes to our human behaviours, both personally and as a team. Understanding the mechanics and pressures affecting me individually and in a team has led to a greater understanding of how to improve personal performance and reduce risk."

David Applin


This course will challenge you on so many levels! Some of the feedback and observations can be difficult to hear, but if you didn't want to improve, you wouldn't be on the course in the first place, would you? Even if your employer doesn't take this stuff seriously, pay for yourself, the skills are applicable everywhere!

Charlotte Bolton 


We were so delighted that the Online Micro Class was awarded The Innovation Award at the 2018 TekDiveUSA Technical Diving Conference. We were so proud that the Online Micro Class achieved the award

 “For innovation and/or product design that has increased the safety and extended the field of technical diving.”


We are so confident that you’ll benefit from this Human Factors in Diving Level 2 that if you’re not 100% happy with it we’ll refund your money.

All we ask is that you completed the pre-work, and attended all the sessions and provide some robust feedback within a month of completing the Human Factors in Diving Level 2 as to why the learning didn't happen and how we can make the class better.