Developing Knowledge. Learning Skills. Taking Action.

The course extends beyond the brilliant foundations from The Essentials course to dive deeper into each subject area so that knowledge becomes applied practice. The interactive webinar sessions create and consolidate knowledge, and there are short homework sessions to ensure the learning in concreted in. By using a community group, you can learn from each other too.
(You don't need to have done the Essentials class to attend)

14 SPACES LEFT (from 20) 19:00 GMT/UTC - STARTING 6 OCT 2024 - BOOK NOW

"Undoubtedly having good technical skills makes you a good and safe diver and that is the goal of getting "certified" but this is not enough. How many times have you seen or read situations in diving that are far from "up to spec"? How many times you have done unsafe dives due to time, money or peer pressures? This is when Human Factors come in. The class allowed me to look in the mirror and learn the real reasons why I made decisions in diving that in retrospect were so wrong but I still made them anyway. It also showed the things other than buoyancy control or trim (for example) that are missing from diver training and why and how to get better at these "human" skills."

Giulio Helmsdorf, Technical Diver

"As a leader of a multi-agency public safety dive taskforce and team, I have to say this class hits on a lot of very important topics that help team leaders and members understand how to be great leaders and follower. All while creating an environment to fail safely in."

Tim Andro, PSD Team Leader

"Wise investment in time and money. Best safety course I attended. It was spot on. This course challenges our concepts of incidents and accidents, safety culture, the art of communication, effective briefing and debriefing etc. this is a must for all those involved in subsea operations, divers, supervisors, management, client rep. and technical diving authorities for the major oilfield operators."

Pierre Le Fevre, Saturation Diver


The Human Factors in Diving Webinar Series further builds on brilliant foundations to understand and highlight the human impact of diving, and how to ensure the dives you have are safe and free from human error.

This is for divers who learn best through experiential learning and want to create teams quickly, which includes instructors and IT/CDs.

It’s also suitable for those who undertake CCR, Cave and Tech diving, along with commercial diving supervisors and Public Safety Divers who want to prevent errors from occurring, allowing them to take their diving further and deeper.

It is delivered over ten weeks with weekly 90-minute interactive and engaging webinars.

You’ll learn how to apply a different perspective to your diving so that you make better decisions because:

  • You have more targeted situation awareness
  • You will know how to communicate more effectively with your students and / or teammates which will lead to a more productive training or ‘fun’ diving team.
  • You will know how to create both a Just Culture and psychological safety in your diving communities

This Webinar Series takes the pioneering and brilliant content and enables you to learn at a slower pace. It embraces all the pioneering elements that The Human Diver is renowned for and is a great addition to every divers training tool kit.

If you want to learn from the best, learn at your pace course is a MUST HAVE on every diver’s training.

Learn how to Apply Human Factors and Master The Dive.

Next Class Dates/Times - EU/USA

The next 10-week webinar-based classes will start on 6 October 2024 starting 19:00 GMT (time zone converter below). This is based around Europe/USA attendees and taught by Gareth Lock.

6 Oct - Introduction to HF, Non-Technical Skills and Human Error in Diving and Case Study introduction.
13 Oct - Psychological Safety and Just Culture
20 Oct - Situation Awareness
27 Oct - Decision Making
3 Nov - Communications
10 Nov - Leadership & Followership in Diving
17 Nov - Teamwork
24 Nov - Performance Shaping Factors (Stress & Fatigue)
1 Dec - Incident Reporting & Checklists
8 Dec - Goals and Accountability

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Next Class Dates/Times - AUS/SE ASIA

The next 10-week webinar-based classes will start on 8 Oct 2024 starting 19:00 AEDT/Sydney time (time zone converter below). This is based around Australia/Far East attendees and taught by Mike Mason.

8 Oct - Introduction to HF, Non-Technical Skills and Human Error in Diving and Case Study introduction.
15 Oct - Psychological Safety and Just Culture
22 Oct - Situation Awareness
29 Oct - Decision Making
5 Nov - Communications
12 Nov - Leadership & Followership in Diving
19 Nov - Teamwork
26 Nov - Performance Shaping Factors (Stress & Fatigue)
3 Dec - Incident Reporting & Checklists
10 Dec - Goals and Accountability

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Live Interactive Webinars

While this ten-week webinar series is run over Zoom, it is conducted using a meeting format rather than a passive webinar. This means you will be asked to engage, contribute and communicate to the learning community during the session. The webinars last 90 mins of which approximately 60 mins is delivery and 30 mins is question/answer/discussion. All sessions are recorded so you can watch them again to consolidate your knowledge, or catch up if you miss part of a session.

Applied Learning

The information relating to non-technical skills you will receive during the ten-week series is applicable to all areas of diving. The interactive discussions and online community where the consolidation exercises are submitted, allows the class theory and shared knowledge to be applied to your own diving operations, be that as a recreational or technical diver or as an instructor.

Consolidated Learning

Research has shown that by spacing learning out over a period of time, and having students reflect on their learning between learning sessions, increases the retention of knowledge so that it can be applied more effectively. That is why this course runs over 10 weeks and has a consolidation exercise that needs to be completed between sessions. Feedback will be provided on those submissions and reference books will be awarded to the best learning-focused submission.


As a student of this class, you will be given access to additional materials like presentations and briefing notes only available to those who complete a face-to-face class with The Human Diver. The goal being to grow your knowledge, develop your skills and help you take action.



Gareth founded The Human Diver in January 2016 when he recognised that there was a gap in knowledge within the diving community when it came to human factors, non-technical skills and the need for a Just Culture. Prior to this, he spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force as a flight instructor, navigator on C-130 Hercules, systems engineer and a requirements manager. He left the RAF in Feb 2015 and immediately started work in high-risk industries teaching HF and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Since 2016 he has taught more than 500 divers face-to-face, presented at nearly 20 conferences around the world on the topic of HF in diving, published 'Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors' which has sold nearly 4000 copies since March 2019. He is GUE Tech 2 and CCR 1 certified and as well as TDI JJ-CCR Mod 1. He's looking forward to getting cave certified too! He loves his underwater photography and has been published in numerous magazines. He is based in the UK but has taught from Seattle to New Zealand and 10s of locations between!


Mike spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force, most of it flying on frontline squadrons. He now works as a flying instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force teaching young pilots to fly fighters. As well as being an accomplished instructor, he is an experienced flying supervisor and holder of a commercial pilot’s licence.

He has been an active diver since 2015 and has around 300 dives in his logbook from as far north as Iceland and as far south as New Zealand. He works part-time as a Dive Master and is also an active CCR diver. Wrecks interest him the most but he gets just as much satisfaction taking groups to see Grey Nurse Sharks at his local dive sites.

Due to his career in military aviation, Mike has lived and breathed Human Factors for his entire professional life. As he became involved with diving expeditions and supervision, he realised how much the diving world could learn from aviation. He is a great believer in Human Factors and how an awareness of them can make time spent underwater safer and more rewarding.


"This class has been a game changer for myself as it has given me the HF tools and knowledge as to how I plan to understand, interact and communicate with my dive community, dive team, work, family and even strangers." 

Josh Maxwell

"In my case, It's made me dive again. I ended up very disappointed professionally with this industry, certain aspects and certain people. So much so that I even lost the desire to go in the water.

This last month, I have already done seventeen dives. I have also been motivated and encouraged by the fact that there are many people (in this case my fellow seminarians) who want a breath of fresh air in this world and to improve and change certain aspects."

Jamie Sanchez


"Someone once asked me what the difference between Knowledge and wisdom is; Knowledge is gained from one's own experience, Wisdom is obtained from others experience. I feel that this class truly embodies this quote." 

Jacqueline Patek
OW Diver and OR Nurse


We were so delighted that the Online Micro Class was awarded The Innovation Award at the 2018 TekDiveUSA Technical Diving Conference. 

 “For innovation and/or product design that has increased the safety and extended the field of technical diving.”


We are so confident that you’ll benefit from this 10-Week Webinar Programme that if you’re not 100% happy with it we’ll refund your money. All we ask is that you provide some robust feedback within a month of completing the programme as to why the learning didn't happen and how we can make the class better. What do you have to lose?