4 years. 208 weeks. 1461 days. (+2 days)

- english gareth lock human factors just culture non-technical skills psychological safety May 21, 2022

Two days ago was the fourth anniversary of Brian Bugge's death in Hawaii - (which is why there are the +2 days in the title)

There isn't going to be a blog this week. All I am going to ask is that you spend 34 mins of your precious time watching this video. If Only... was influenced by 'Just a Routine Operation' which changed attitudes towards human factors in healthcare. I know that 'If Only...' and the conversations with the dive team within it, have changed many divers' attitudes towards safety and learning from adverse events.

If Only... was produced for two reasons: to act as a memorial and legacy for Brian, and the second was to act as an educational tool for the diving community. To show that incidents and accidents very rarely occur because of single, simple things, but rather are a convergence of factors, some of which appear to be irrelevant or unconnected with the accident, until we look back in time and say "Oh, that is so obvious that the event happened in the way it did."

Ashley (his widow) and the dive team all took part in an emotional project in November 2019 to be filmed and reenact the events of 20 May 2018 so that others can learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and to open yourselves up so the world can see the pressures, conflicts and challenges that exist on many dives, especially instructional dives.

If you are an instructor, a dive centre owner, a diving safety officer or supervisor, or someone involved in the development of training materials and safety standards, in addition to watching the film, seriously consider downloading the guide here which will allow you to run a workshop to bring more learning to your community, team or project.

Gareth Lock is the owner of The Human Diver, a niche company focused on educating and developing divers, instructors and related teams to be high-performing. If you'd like to deepen your diving experience, consider taking the online introduction course which will change your attitude towards diving because safety is your perception, visit the website.