Just another brick in (under) the wall...taking action

If you want to do something new which improves your safety or performance, how committed are you? If you see something shiny, how easy is it to buy that compared to making a change to your habits or behaviours? Which is likely to have a greater effect on your diving?

Three weeks ago I met Isabel, a business coach specialising in branding and marketing, with a view to working with her. She had been recommended to me as a coach who has the knack of pulling coherent ideas from the free-flowing discussions and coming up with a clear message regarding an offer, branding and identity.

As Isabel and I sat there waiting for our coffee to cool down and talking about the future, she asked me a really important question. “On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to making a difference to your business so that you can grow and get to where you want to be.” 

I said "9". I also added that given the time I put into developing human factors and non-technical skills...

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Being a deviant is normal...

Normalisation of Deviance’ is a term which has become more popular in diving environments with articles being written by well known individuals such as Steve Lewis and Andy Davis explaining the context in terms of diving accidents in the US and Dr Guy Garman’s fatal attempt for a world record OC dive respectively.

The video clip below is a modification of a presentation I have previously given and combined two concepts looking at drift. The first concept is about systemic migration to the boundaries, a concept from Amalberti’s 2001 paper on “The paradoxes of almost totally safe transportation systems”. In it he showed that internal and external pressures drive operator behaviour towards potentially unsafe or adverse events. The diagram below shows this in more detail. It also identifies that more rules are unlikely to change behaviours.

In another paper by Amalberti, this time on violations and migrations in healthcare, he and his authors wrote:


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